Growing from Rockabilly Roots  

3 Minute Lovin' is dedicated to tapping the classic old-school sound that formed from the roots of rock and country.


Raw and pure old-school roots rock music moves and shakes with high energy. It's those pure old tones put together in dynamic danceable music that drives authentic rock shows of 3ML. On a mission to deliver good old music in a brand new bottle.



3 Minute Lovin'

With a name reminiscent of radio hits and 45 rpm vinyl records, the members of 3 Minute Lovin' fell together as a result of their love of pure old-school music.  The collision of musical background and taste result in a dynamic and raw rockabilly, rock and roll, and honky-tonk formula.  Drawing from the roots of rock including "Bakersfield" country, rock & roll of the 50's, surf music of the 60's, and garage punk of the 70's, the band hacks, blends,  and melds their own new blurry vision into a signature movin' and shakin' authentic  American 3 Minute Lovin' sound.


the name
3ML Buckaroos  

3 Minute What!!?

Long long ago, in a land not so far away, music was carried on small black circular disks made of vinyl and imprinted with grooves that vibrated a phonograph needle to reproduce sound. The smaller disks, were rotated at 45 rpm, and so they became known as "45s". Songs on a 45 were limited to a few short and powerful minutes. 3 minutes is all the lovin' you got, and that's all we need today.


Keepin' Up

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3 Minute Lovin'